As a senior executive with a large multinational company, I highly recommend Richard Murray. Rich negotiated my age discrimination case. He methodically collected evidence and built a strong case, which ultimately resulted in both parties coming to more favorable terms of separation and remuneration. Rich counseled me throughout the process. His approach was well thought-out and highly professional, taking much of the stress out of what can be a stressful ordeal.
— J.F.
I had about six lawyers say they didn’t want my case against the town.I have seen a few lazy lawyers in my time.Rich restored my belief in people as he went out off his way to get me justice.I highly recommend Richard Murray.Rich is a class act and gos the distance for his clients!
— John
I acquired the services of Mr. Murray. I must say it was a very professional and smooth process. He listens to what you have to say and is genuinely interested in your case. I’ve dealt with other lawyers in this field and it appeared that they were more in to protecting the corporations as opposed to being there for the individual. Mr. Murray goes to bat for his clients. If I ever get into a situation where I need an employment lawyer, I would not hesitate to have him represent me. His service was outstanding. Mr. Murray will have your back!!
— Client